Urban Lifestyle and Destination

This project is for a Commercial Photography class. The task is to do something for Arizona travel/destination photography. I went a bit outside the box…I think my photos are more fashion and glamour inspired with a bit of destination at the end. The destination is Mesa Downtown at night. So you see some afternoon, outdoor, and night photography here.




Much thanks to my crew (Joe, V, Sarah, Rachel, and Desarie) for helping this project come to life.

xo ~Cynthia


Outdoor Portraits

Some more portrait power! These portraits were created last summer in the great outdoors (in this case downtown Tempe) using natural light.

I am more accustomed to using natural light with a flash as a fill light. It’s a different look and feel compared to studio lighting. So far, I really enjoy doing on location photo shoots using natural light, although studio photography certainly has its benefits.