Gil Scott-Heron | Musician and Poet

It was a shock to hear of the passing of this creative and talented man. I was fortunate to meet Mr. Scott-Heron last year at a show held in his honor on Martin Luther King Day. Gil Scott-Heron is credited as being the father of modern hip hop. He fused the spoken word with music in a manner that was later adopted by other artists. His work has been sampled by contemporary artists like Kanye West. During his set he spoke in detail about social issues and history. At one point during his set he gave a brief history of jazz. He was very concerned about young people and young artists. I found him to be incredibly warm and caring. He will definitely be missed while his legacy continues through his music and art.


Punk Rock Portraits

Tarea is a makeup artist and stylist. She’s multi-talented because she can sing too (or should I say ’cause she can sang).  She needed some creative photos to promote her music. We had fun hanging out in West Phoenix…it was a lovely afternoon indeed.

We decided to check out the railroad cars…

Everything was fine until the cops showed up and made us leave. Despite that little inconvenience, it was an amazing afternoon.