I am so happy to be free. Free to express myself, free to speak my mind, free to get an education. To vote. To love who I want to love. Freedom to own property and have my own business. Freedom to choose who I marry. I’m focusing on freedom here because freedom isn’t free. It costs. And I’m incredibly thankful that I live in this country among wonderful people. I read today that there are more than 25 million living veterans. That’s a lot of people serving and who once served. That person may have served three years or thirty. May have served in war-time or peacetime. The outcome is the same: we are free. I know how difficult the job can be because I served too. So did my sister and brother and our grandfather {a World War II veteran}.

The thing is because military members work so hard and sacrifice so much they often suffer as a result. Families struggle when a mother or father {or both} deploy. Sometimes, because a military member is overseas and cannot take care of their obligations at home {especially if they are single and don’t have a spouse to oversee their estate} they return to a foreclosed home or other financial hardship. There are some who return who suffer from medical issues {physical and psychological} and are unable to get or keep a job. They sleep in their car or are homeless. This just shouldn’t be. I believe that gratitude can be expressed in many ways. Words are good but sometimes we can go beyond words to truly express that we care. You can show that you care and support our troops and veterans by giving {of your time/money/other resources} to any of the organizations below. Reaching out to others in a practical way really shows you care.



United States Veteran’s Initiative –

VFW National Home for Children –

Homeless Resource Center for Women Veterans

Crisis Center for Military Women
Operation Gratitude