Urban Landscape

Last month I was tasked with an urban landscape assignment. And fortunately for me two things happened. 1) it rained and 2) there was an awesome rainbow…rain and rainbows: two things that are rare occurrences in Arizona.

Next time I hope to better capture the intensity of the rainbow. Like sunsets, rainbows don’t last long.

Outdoor Portraits

Some more portrait power! These portraits were created last summer in the great outdoors (in this case downtown Tempe) using natural light.

I am more accustomed to using natural light with a flash as a fill light. It’s a different look and feel compared to studio lighting. So far, I really enjoy doing on location photo shoots using natural light, although studio photography certainly has its benefits.

Change is Good

I used to be into words, analysis, and science. But I’ve changed. Reading something more than 500 words makes me fidgety. I don’t even want to think about the scientific unless I’m photographing it. I’m completely different today compared to 10 years ago. I think I’m better, well rounded and definitely happier. I enjoy creating, exploring, playing.

When I left the corporate world I vowed to find out what my God-given purpose is. What makes me happy? What would I do if money were no object? I discovered that I still like to dance. Design is interesting, but photography is what drives me. For me good photographs drive the design process and I want to be making those photos. I bought a camera and lenses and have not put them down.

I say the ‘corporate world’ but in actuality I was in the military…I think they are similar environments in many ways.  After leaving the military I knew I had to do something different…part of the searching process involved volunteer work. I think volunteering is great…it seems giving is actually beneficial to the giver. I felt as if I got more out of it than those I was serving. I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. And I’ve since made giving /serving others a regular part of my life.

When I started exploring photography I had the benefit of meeting some great photographers. One pro graciously invited me to several photo shoots where I was able to get experience with studio lighting using a variety of cameras from a Cannon to a Hasselblad. I started out shooting lots of events.

Now, I’m at another stage of the journey. Studying photography as a full-time student {thanks to the GI Bill} and loving every minute!


“The world of supermodernity does not exactly match the one in which we believe we live, for we live in a world that we have not yet learned to look at.  We have to relearn to think about space.” –Marc Auge

Describing Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, Douglas Coupland asserts, “O’Hare is the acme of metaphysical nonplaces dreamed up: the realization of technology’s secret goal of placing Plexiglass sheeting between ourselves and the world. Jets and turboprop commuter planes may well be the vessels in which drama occurs, but the hub is the stopping of time; human biology divorced from narrative and nature.”

While working on an assignment called NonPlaces I discovered there are nonplaces all around us. Places where it is hard to determine the actual use or meaning. Places that are ambiguous in nature, perhaps unsettling, or ironic. Places like a dead end, a vacant lot, public space with a surveillance camera. Places that no one really inhabits, but simply passes through. I found quite a few. A trail through the forest, a residential street that dead ends at a diary farm, mailboxes for an undeveloped housing complex, and a lonely bridge that seems to go nowhere.