Multimedia Project

First draft of a multimedia project a documentary on the Bridges of West Phoenix…I’m definitely not 100% satisfied with it yet (the perfectionist in me is pouting). But guess what, I’m going to post it anyway 🙂


Urban Lifestyle and Destination

This project is for a Commercial Photography class. The task is to do something for Arizona travel/destination photography. I went a bit outside the box…I think my photos are more fashion and glamour inspired with a bit of destination at the end. The destination is Mesa Downtown at night. So you see some afternoon, outdoor, and night photography here.




Much thanks to my crew (Joe, V, Sarah, Rachel, and Desarie) for helping this project come to life.

xo ~Cynthia

Urban Landscape

Last month I was tasked with an urban landscape assignment. And fortunately for me two things happened. 1) it rained and 2) there was an awesome rainbow…rain and rainbows: two things that are rare occurrences in Arizona.

Next time I hope to better capture the intensity of the rainbow. Like sunsets, rainbows don’t last long.

Standing Before the Storm

Originally the top photo was done for a class last semester. I was standing on a bridge overlooking a vast expanse of riparian habitat where 3 rivers converge…in this direction though you only see the bridge, mountains in the distance. From another vantage point you will see the river, which I posted previously (last image of the series). During this same outing I captured the second image a mile down the road…the sky was filled with clouds heavy with rain. I just moved and had these images mounted for my new room…and I think they look awesome =)