Every Click Counts via Scott Bourne

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Photography is a sacred and important thing. The pictures we make may be the last we take of any given subject. Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. We all owe a death. Both the photographer and the photographer’s subject will pass on. It just makes sense that we should do our very best to make every photo count. There are NO insignificant photographs – period. None. They all matter. They’re all important one way or another.

via Scott Bourne


Go ahead and doodle

This is such an interesting (and short) presentation about the power of doodling. In college I learned about learning styles. Turns out I remembered more of my flashcards while studying them walking to class or waiting in line (kinetic learner). I think this shows that people learn in a variety of ways using multiple learning styles at one time.






The human race has  one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.

-Mark Twain

We need to lighten up, enjoy life. Even when things are not perfect you can still laugh in the face of it. I recently read some information about joy and specifically laughter by Joyce Meyer. Children laugh on average 150 times a day, while adults laugh 4 to 8 times a day. Scientific studies show that laughter is like a medicine because it can cause the release of endorphins that reduce stress, boost the immune system, lower cholesterol, stimulate the nervous system, and increase cardiovascular health.


Most know laughter can pull us out of depression or sadness; it can even give us boosts of energy; and it can completely change our attitude or outlook on a situation.

~Joyce Meyer




Moving is a Good Reason to Buy Art

As I was preparing to move last month one of my favorite photo labs just happened to have a blow out sale. So I took the opportunity to get some large prints made. There’s something incredibly fulfilling about having large art prints on the wall…I’m the type of person who craves color. White walls start to make me uncomfortable…for me it’s a blank canvas itching to be covered. So I’m all about paint. Adding to this with art, lighting, and other pieces just adds more flavor.

wall art close up

wall art with light

The prints are mounted but haven’t been hung yet. I had some fun here with light…couldn’t help myself…haha. In addition to moving I have new roommates 2 of which are of the canine kind. We get along great. And I was babysitting last week a german short-hair called Coco. She seemed to take to me well…even curling up on my bed for a nap.










Watching, Waiting

For the next amazing sunrise, for rainfall, or a monsoon. For anything that will add to my inspiration for landscape photography. So, I’m reading this book (I read lots of books, but haven’t really blogged about them until now.) And this book is amazing because it speaks to anyone who needs a change in her life. I went through some major changes a few years ago…and I’m still in transition and yet I am much happier today because I chose to make a change. No more corporate cubicles for me (or bad relationships for that matter, another subject entirely).

Some wise words from a woman who’s been there done that, Paula White:

Yesterday is in the tomb.

Today is in the womb.

What you are intimate with today is what you will birth tomorrow. What you think about and dream about in the secret place of your own heart is what will give birth to your future words and behavior…There’s nothing you can do to change your past. You can, however, have a serious impact on designing your future.

-Paula White, You’re All That!

Happy Tuesday!