Watching, Waiting

For the next amazing sunrise, for rainfall, or a monsoon. For anything that will add to my inspiration for landscape photography. So, I’m reading this book (I read lots of books, but haven’t really blogged about them until now.) And this book is amazing because it speaks to anyone who needs a change in her life. I went through some major changes a few years ago…and I’m still in transition and yet I am much happier today because I chose to make a change. No more corporate cubicles for me (or bad relationships for that matter, another subject entirely).

Some wise words from a woman who’s been there done that, Paula White:

Yesterday is in the tomb.

Today is in the womb.

What you are intimate with today is what you will birth tomorrow. What you think about and dream about in the secret place of your own heart is what will give birth to your future words and behavior…There’s nothing you can do to change your past. You can, however, have a serious impact on designing your future.

-Paula White, You’re All That!

Happy Tuesday!


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